Kirkhope Aviation aircraft are in immaculate condition and suit both corporate charter and private holiday charters.

Aircraft Fleet Descriptions

The preferred plane for corporate work is the King Air due to its comfort, speed and turbine engines. It is a superb aircraft and well suited to corporate charters as it is quick and flies above most weather. The Chieftain and Navajo aircraft are twin piston engines and still provide corporate luxury as they have club seating configurationalthough neither are pressurised. For holiday and scenic charters the Chieftains and Navajo are preferred due to the large viewing windows and the ability of the aircraft to fly lower. The flagship touring plane is a Piper Chieftain shown on this page. It is probably the best presented Chieftain available. All aircraft are rated for instrument flying which allows departures and arrivals in most weather and at night (assuming the airstrip is suitable). They are flown by experienced commercial pilots with appropriate Class 1 Instrument Ratings. The aircraft are operated under Kirkhope Aviations Air Operator Certificate with the required CASA insurance level. Note: Sometimes the particular plane pictured here may not be available for a specific trip. In these situations, a similar twin engine aircraft to that described here will be used.

Beechcraft Model 200 Super King Air

The Beechcraft Model 200 Super King Air (VH-ZOK) is a twin-engined turboprop corporate travel and utility aeroplane with retractable landing gear and pressurized cabin. It has been the Royal Flying Doctors preferred aircraft type throughout Australia for decades. This aircraft is more versatile than a jet aircraft, however is not quite as fast, but it can land on all types of airstrips. It has corporate club seating with rear loading stairs and an emergency toilet. This is the perfect plane for a business air charter or a long distance bespoke private air charter. Carrying Capacity: 10. Maximum Cruise Speed : 530km/h.

Piper Chieftain VH-ZUM

The Piper Chieftain VH-ZUM is a twin-engined 8 to 9 seat corporate aircraft. It is the pride of our twin piston fleet. It has air conditioning, the latest avionics and club seating which provides plenty of leg room. This club layout makes it ideal with 7 to 8 passengers. Carrying Capacity : 8 9 passengers. Maximum Cruise Speed: 360km/h

Piper Chieftain VH-RUH

Piper Chieftain VH-RUH Twin-engined ten seat corporate and commuter aircraft. This aircraft has forward facing seats and hence can carry 9 passengers quite comfortably. Carrying Capacity: 8 9 passengers. Maximum Cruise Speed: 360km/h.

Our unpressurised aeroplanes (Navajo and Chieftains) have a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet, however the advantage of travelling at these heights is that you get the best views of the Australian landscape. It has large windows and hence every passenger has a good view on the air tour, unlike most larger planes that generally have smaller windows.

Piper Navajo VH-HXN

The Piper Navajo is a slightly smaller version of the Chieftain VH-ZUM. It has air-conditioning and also club seating with tables. It is ideal for the smaller corporate group of say 4 5 passengers. Carrying Capacity: 6 7 passengers. Maximum Cruise Speed: 360km/h

Luggage Carrying Capacity

Luggage can be loaded in the wing lockers and a forward nose locker in most planes. There is also some space for luggage at the rear of the cabin. As the lockers have a low height, bags need to be of the small soft overnight type. Cases or bags with frames and/or hard suitcases are very difficult to stow. On outback tours we generally limit the luggage to 8 9 kg per person but it does depend on the trip. The only plane without a large nose locker is the Super King Air. Nose lockers can normally take larger rounder bags, whereas wing lockers are much flatter and need more flexible bags.