What to bring on tour – below are a few essentials you need to know about.

What do I need to know or do, before leaving home?

tour essentials
what to bring on tour

Departure (Location & Timing)

  • Our departure lounge is at “HangAir”, Hangar 7 Second Street, Moorabbin Airport. Be careful not to confuse this with Second Avenue
  • On entry to Moorabbin Airport follow the signs to “Vehicular Access – Gate 2 and you will be directed to Second Street
  • We are located at the northern end of Second Street on the left, just by Gate 2
  • If you are lost or late, please ring Tony on 0418 379-263, or Keith on 0408 535-438
  • There is also provision to leave your car outside our Hanger or you can get a cab to the airport
  • For extra piece of mind, there is also secure parking on the airport if required. To arrange this, ring Melbourne Car Kennel on either (03) 9580-6630 or 0427 942-028
  • You should meet at the airport at least 45 min’s prior to your “airborne” departure time. It takes 25 minutes just to load the luggage and brief everyone, then 10 -15 minutes to taxi before we get airborne


  • 10 % deposit required on booking and full payment one month prior to departure. The on-line booking form needs to be completed to reserve your booking. Your booking will then be confirmed on receipt of your deposit.

What to Bring on Tour

  • Try to keep clothes and personal items as lightweight, easy care and simple as possible
  • Depending on the particular tour the temperatures can vary significantly between day and night. By day anywhere between 15 – 30 degrees and cooler at night, maybe 5 – 15 degrees.
  • Beware in the Outback that winter nights can sometimes be very cold and even frost on the ground.  A beanie is often worth having just for the cold evenings and or gloves for the morning if you feel the cold.
  • Total luggage weight / person will depend on the tour and aircraft being used, however it will range between 5 – 12 kg. Ensure that you are aware of the specific weight limit for your tour!
  • Please pack using small squashable (sports type) bags. No rigid bags, bags with frames/wheels or large suitcases as the lockers are slightly irregular in shape
  • Normally you will not need any formal evening clothes. Jeans, shirts, tee shirts, shorts and togs are the main items. For those who may feel the cold, all you should need is what you wear on the first morning, plus maybe a light wind jacket or sleeveless vest just in case.
  • For trips to Tasmania and the Bass Strait Islands, be aware that sometimes you can have rain showers, so a rain jacket is recommended. Also as the temp can vary considerably in these latitudes, an extra layer is a good idea (thermals are an excellent way to achieve this, with minimal weight!)
  • Sunhat and sunscreen, especially for lips, nose and face, for windburn as well as sunburn prevention – and don’t forget the sunglasses!
  • Bedding and towels are provided. Normally there are sufficient towels for us to take when we go swimming, however not a bad idea to pack a small “hand towel” for swimming if you wish.
  • Walking shoes – runners normally would suffice for this, however be aware that sometimes the ground is rocky.
  • Air sick tablets if  required
  • For walking in the Outback, some people like the small “ankle” spats that you can buy for $5 from Aussie disposals…helps keep burrs out of your socks
  • Pump insect repellent – for protection against mosquitoes
  • Small “emergency” packet of soap….just in case. It is normally provided.
  • Digital cord for downloading camera photo’s if necessary…..also any camera charging gear
  • Cash – you will only need cash or credit cards for any souvenirs, films etc.

General – What to do before leaving Home?

  • We strongly recommend having travel insurance
  • Let a neighbour know how long you will be away
  • Arrange for your mail to be collected
  • Cancel any home delivered newspapers
  • Leave a copy of your Tour Itinerary with family or a friend
  • Check the weather forecasts to assist with your packing
  • Water plants
  • Use timers for lights/radio etc.