Our Aircraft

Kirkhope Aviation Outback Air Tours & Corporate Charter are based at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne, Victoria. Our meticulously maintained fleet consists of an eleven-seat Beechcraft twin turbine Super King Air, two ten-seat Piper Chieftains, and an eight-seat, twin-engine Piper Navajo.

All our aircraft are rated for instrument flying which allows departures and arrivals in most weather and at night (assuming the airstrip is suitable), and are flown by experienced commercial pilots with command instrument ratings.

King Air 02 Print Kirkhope Aviation Aircraft

Beechcraft King Air B200

Number in Fleet: 1
Speed: 270 kt / 500 km/h
Max Cruising Altitude: 35,000 ft
Payload: 1000 kg
Seats: 10

Kirkhope Aviation Aircraft 11

Piper Chieftain PA-31

Number in Fleet: 2
Speed: 160 kt / 296 km/h
Max Cruising Altitude: 10,000 ft
Payload: 700 kg
Seats: 9

HXN 4 LR Kirkhope Aviation Aircraft

Piper Navajo PA-31

Number in Fleet: 1
Speed: 160 kt / 296 km/h
Max Cruising Altitude: 10,000 ft
Payload: 700 kg
Seats: 8

Questions about our Aircraft

What size, is/are the aircraft?

Varies from 6 passenger to 10 passenger but typically the maximum is 6-7 passengers due to weight capacity.

What is the seating configuration?

Single rows of seats with a centre aisle, every seat is the window seat.

Is the aircraft low wing?

Yes, and we always encourage clients not to sit in the same seat. We rotate the seating after each sector so everyone gets a different view throughout the tour.

Is it hard to get in and out of the aircraft?

No, there are only 3 steps with hand holds so you don’t have to scramble in. We also carry a small step to help some people who may have trouble reaching the first stair.

What altitude will we fly at?

Depending on weather we fly between 3,000 and 10,000 feet on the piston aircraft. The Kingair will fly generally at higher levels of around 25,000 feet although it can come lower for short “sight seeing” experiences.

Is there a toilet on board?

No, except for the KingAir. However there are always toilets immediately before takeoff and straight after landing. The longest sector across all of our tours is 2.5 hours.

What sort of aircraft will we be in?

We have 2 Chieftains and one Navajo for the outback holiday tours. These have rear stair entry, club seating and an aisle in the centre. They have big windows and great performance capabilities on short airstrips. We also have a Super King Air turbine aircraft which can be used for outback charter but is more suited to the corporate market. Again very comfortable club seating, air conditioning and an emergency toilet. The King Air is a multi engine turbine aircraft that is pressurised so it can climb to higher altitudes. The Navajo and Chieftains are multi engine piston aircraft that are unpressurised and fly at a maximum of 10,000 feet.

How many engines does the aircraft have?

All aircraft have 2 engines.

This was my second fantastic trip with Kirkhope Aviation. Again, everything was excellent - booking, communication, the plane, great pilot, the itinerary, meals and accommodation. Thanks to the professional operations of Kirkhope Aviation, everything was first class and seamless.
Helen J Melbourne

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