Beechcraft 200 Super King Air

The Beechcraft 200 Super King Air is a twin-engined turboprop (jet engine powering a propeller) aircraft equipped for up to 10 passengers. Perfectly suited for travel in the Australian Outback, it’s able to land at unprepared airstrips without sacrificing speed or payload. The Royal Flying Doctors Service currently operates over 30 Model 200 King Airs in Australia.

Carrying Capacity: 10
Cruise Speed: 530km/hr
Additional features: Emergency toilet, cabin pressurization

Piper PA31 Chieftain

The Piper PA31 Chieftain is a twin-engine aircraft with up to nine seats. Operated extensively in Australia, the aircraft is well suited to touring, with large windows providing panoramic views from any seat. This aircraft type was formerly operated by the Royal Flying Doctors Service and continues to be used around the country in aeromedical and charter work.

Carrying Capacity: 9 passengers
Cruise speed: 360km/hr
Additional features: Club seating, air conditioning

Piper PA31 Navajo

The Piper PA31 Navajo is a shortened variant of the Piper PA31 Chieftain, and is ideal for smaller groups of six or less passengers. It offers the same touring characteristics of it’s longer cousin at a slightly lower cost

Carrying Capacity: 7 passengers
Cruise speed: 360km/h
Additional features: Air conditioning, club seating, extended range fuel tanks

Choosing an aircraft

Depending on group size, guests often find that any of our three aircraft types might suit their travel needs. When deciding on an aircraft type for charter, you should consider the following

Whilst all Kirkhope Aviation aircraft are fitted with leather seating, legroom and seat width is largest in our Beechcraft King Air. Headroom and ease of access is also greater compared to the Piper Navajo and Chieftain. The Beechcraft King Air also offers a pressurized cabin, allowing for a more gradual and comfortable ascent and decent for passengers. All of our aircraft types are available with airconditioning, a feature not standard among our competition.

The larger windows on the Piper Navajo and Chieftain make them our choice for any touring or scenic charters, and guests in any seat of these aircraft can expect a fantastic view in-flight. Whilst the Beechcraft King Air does have windows, they are smaller and circular, which comparitively limits this.

The additonal speed of the Beechcraft King Air reduces sector times by approximately 35%, which is most noticable on flights longer than 2 hours such as those to major centres. The time saved by using a faster aircraft can translate to increased productivity or time on holiday at your destination.

For those looking for cost effective regional traval, the Chieftain strikes a balance between comfort and efficiency. When filled, it is the cheapest on a cost per seat basis and is often a cheaper alternative than a regional airline.

Luggage and cargo
All aircraft are capable of carrying passenger baggage and cargo, however depending on the size of your group it may not be possible to carry the same amount of luggage as expected on an airline. Nominated passenger capacity for each aircraft typically allows only for limited overnight baggage (in soft bags rather than rigid suitcases). With reduced passenger numbers carriage of additional cargo is possible.