Business Air Charter / Private Air Charter

With 40 years of experience hosting flights around Australia, Kirkhope Aviation can take you anywhere in Australia, saving you time and allowing you to travel with flexibility.

Why Charter a plane?

Kirkhope Aviation allows you to save time and to travel with flexibility to a wide variety of the best locations around Australia with a private air charter. We pride ourselves on the superior customer service and immaculate condition of our airplanes as a private airplane charter company.

  • Aircraft charters save you time and accommodation. It saves driving to Melbourne Airport and other commercial connections.
  • There’s no requirement to adhere to airline schedules or drive long distances by road. Create your own timetable – there are no curfews at Moorabbin Airport.
  • Enjoy great comfort in superbly maintained twin engine aircraft.
  • Go direct to your destination – eg: Olympic Dam or Griffith which can be difficult by other means.
  • Parking is only metres from the departure lounge and Business Class treatment is the norm.
  • Our Melbourne air charters depart from Moorabbin Airport which is convenient, servicing the South Eastern suburbs and associated businesses.
  • Multiple aircraft are available.
Kirkhope Aviation aircraft
Business Air Charter Kirkhope Aviation aircraft
Kirkhope Aviation aircraft

Moorabbin Air Charters is a divison of Kirkhope Aviation offering private air charter service, and has more information on charter operations. Please visit Moorabbin Air Charters for more information.

Business and Private Air charter with Kirkhope Aviation offer a number of different aircraft depending on your travels needs. We now offer a turbine pressurized 11 seat aircraft along with a fleet of Pistons. Our business air charter fleet comprises of:

  • Beechcraft King Air VH-ZOK – up to 10 passengers, corporate seating, pressurised comfort and twin turbine engines, toilet (emergency use only) and, 530 km/hr. This aircraft is perfect for business air charter where club seating, space and comfort is desired.
  • Piper Chieftain VH-RUH – up to 9 passengers, DVD screens, forward facing seats and 360 km/h
  • Piper Chieftain VH-ZUM – up to 8 passengers, club seating, air conditioned and 360 km/hr
  • Piper Navajo VH-HXN – up to 7 passengers, club seating, air conditioned and 340 km/hr

Private Air Charter and Business Air Charter in our King AirBusiness Air Charter / Private Air Charter

Travel in style to your next client meeting or business conference with Kirkhope Aviation.

Each flight leaves from Moorabbin Airport, a 30 minute drive from Melbourne’s CDB. It allows you to get to Victorian and interstate locations that may be difficult to reach commercially. Instead of driving the long distance, our twin engine aircraft can get you to your destination in a fraction of the time.

No need to stick to airline schedules as, Kirkhope Aviation allows you to travel in your own time and in great comfort. Guests may travel to multiple destinations in one day depending on their needs.

Contact us for further details and pricing on your private air charter or aircraft flight from Moorabbin Airport or Melbourne surrounds.


Our Melbourne air charters departKirkhope Aviation Hanger - Lounge - Business Air Charter from our lounge at Moorabbin Airport -only meters from your aircraft for quick and easy access. It is also possible to pick up from nearby locations such as Essendon.

If you are searching for luxury business air charter, please call us on 1300 20 61 30 for a free quote.


Jet Aircraft Charter and Medivac Air Charter can be arranged ex Essendon

Kirkhope Aviation owns the magnificent turbine/pressurised King Air aircraft and has the best twin engine piston aircraft available. However sometimes clients require jet aircraft and we recommend Jet City for jet charter or Medevac services based at Essendon airport.