Please use the ‘Confirm your Booking’  form below only if you have already made an enquiry for holiday tours or a business air charter and have had confirmation that the dates and specifications you require are available.

To confirm your booking on line:

The preferred method to confirm your flight is to fill out the ONLINE booking form above.  Complete the form above to confirm your booking, and your details will be sent to Kirkhope Aviation via e-mail. We will e-mail you our account details with an invoice so you can transfer your deposit by direct debit.

To confirm your booking flight manually:

Alternatively the old manual method is still available by downloading our Booking Confirmation Form (for up to 10 passengers) fill it out and send it to us with a cheque.  For more than 10 passengers, please download this Booking Form.  No email address? Call us on  1300 20 61 30

PAYMENT: Direct Debit is the preferred method and the most popular….bank details will be on the invoice. Cheques and Credit cards can also be used but direct debit is the cheapest. Note 2% surcharge on Visa/Mastercard and Amex credit card transactions must be added to the total.

Travel Insurance: We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance particularly for cancellation due to illness or other last minute issues.  Please read the Terms and Conditions.