Bespoke air tours allow us the opportunity to put a truly private small group air charter together for you. As a specialist outback Australia tour operator, you’ll experience new places to explore that generally may not be available to the public.

The video below shows a recent Bespoke Air Tour – a 9 day air tour to Cape York in the far North Queensland, Northern Territory and the Kimberley in Western Australia.

Why Bespoke Air Tours

Kirkhope Aviation offers you the art of Bespoke Air touring by helping you to create an unforgettable experience visiting destinations of your choice. The journey is handcrafted by you, visiting as many or few destinations as you wish to see, all in the luxury of your exclusive use, pressurised twin-engine turboprop aircraft. The King Air, renown for its safety, comfort and time efficiency, enables you to minimise time travelling to your destinations and maximise your vacation experience. See the faces and experience the places on and off the beaten track with great accommodation and gourmet meals on your personalized air tour by making your next vacation Bespoke. Only for the discerning traveller, when your time is as important as the money spent on your vacation, why not vacation in style – you deserve it!

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Journey ideas for your Bespoke Air Tour

International  visitors fly from all around the globe to experience the uniqueness of Australia’s natural wonders of Ayers Rock at Uluru, the ruggedness of the Kimberley, the white sands at Cable Beach  and the wetlands of Kakadu while staying at unique resorts like Longitude 131, El Questro Homestead, Cable Beach Resort and Davidsons Arnhemland Safari Camp.  So, why not be spellbound at these awesome  places in your outback inspired Bespoke Air Tours?

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Thinking of Chartering a Private Jet Aircraft?

Perhaps you were thinking of chartering a private jet for your next vacation or business aircraft charter but feel the cost prohibitive, then consider the cost effective alternative of flying in our Super King Air 200, offering luxury similar to that of a comparable corporate jet at a fraction of the cost. Private Jet Rental can be an expensive exercise – consider our alternative.