Flights to Mt Hotham Alpine Resort

from $420 per person, day return

Our Mt Hotham private charter flights are only a quick flight away in the Super King Air.

Whether you’re looking to squeeze in a single day on the slopes at Mt Hotham ski resort or to get away for the weekend, traveling on a chartered aircraft allows you to take the hassle out of traveling to the Victorian snow fields.

35 Minute Flight to Mount Hotham Alpine Resort!

A mere 35 minute flight to Mt Hotham once airborne, our Super King Air can have you on the slopes and skiing approximately 1 hour and 20 mins after checking in at our lounge at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne’s south-east. This means a decent night’s sleep whilst still making first tracks, a full days skiing and home just in time for dinner.

Flight to Mt Hotham in Super King Air

Your aircraft, a Beechcraft Super King Air, is the preferred aircraft of the Royal Flying Doctors Service, and is equipped to fly in all weather conditions, including ice and snow. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney turboprop engines (jet engine powering a propeller), which are known for their reliability and performance at altitude. With luxury leather club seating, generous leg room and climate control set to your preference, a return flight is kind to tired skiers and snow-boarders alike.

Hotham Alpine Resort Day Return

Mt Hotham Charter Flights

Arriving at our lounge at 7:00am, our pilots will load your luggage into the aircraft and brief you on the short flight to Mt Hotham. Departing at 7:30am, you’ll witness the sun rising before you arrive at Mt Hotham airport shortly after 8:00am. A bus will meet the aircraft on arrival to transport you to the ski village, with your arrival at 8:30am, just in time for first tracks. Following your day of skiing, you’ll meet our pilot at the village by 4:15pm, before returning to the airport for a departure just after 5:00pm, which sees you back at Moorabbin by approximately 6:00pm. For safety reasons, we cannot operate into or out of Mt Hotham after last light, which occurs at approximately 5:30pm during the ski season.

Day return flights start from $420 per person for groups of eight, not including transfers from the airport to Hotham Heights. Overnight trips are also available, as are pickups and drop-offs for extended stays.

Weather Conditions

Your aircraft, the Beechcraft B200 Super King Air, is equipped to fly in all weather conditions, including flight into icing or snow. However, a minimum level of visibility is required for landing, as well as wind conditions within certain limits.

Luggage and Ski Equipment

Our Super King Air is equipped with wing lockers to carry our ski equipment. These lockers will fit most skis and snowboards. Any overnight or day baggage will be carried at the rear of the cabin.  Whilst we have no specific limits on baggage, we do ask that any baggage you do bring is in soft bags (not hard suitcases), and should it exceed 10kg per person you will need to advise us prior to the day of the flight.

Group Size

The King Air is capable of carrying up to ten passengers. Larger groups can be accommodated in multiple aircraft.


Flights to Mt Hotham in our Super King Air

Flights to Mt Hotham in the King Air

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