Lake Eyre Water Level May 2016 LATEST NEWS

Lake Eyre - Water is Still Flowing

Lake Eyre water Level sees local rains still flooding into Lake Eyre (latest at 12 May 2016)

Kalamurina saw 55.6mm of rain.

A flooded desert is helping to fill the iconic Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre

Spanning over 140 kilometres from east to west, Kalamurina features vast, spectacular dunefields, a network of freshwater and saline lakes, riparian and floodplain habitats and small gibber plains. It provides refuge for a diversity of desert wildlife including the Crest-tailed Mulgara, the Dusky Hopping Mouse, the Eyrean Grasswren and the regionally endemic Lake Eyre Dragon.

21mm of rain at Maree

Recent rainfall at Maree saw 21mm fall on May 8, making it a 15 year May record. Maree lies 685 kilometres (426mi) North of Adelaide at the junction of the Oodnadatta Track and the Birdsville Track.

Like much of inland Australia, Marree has a very hot and dry climate in a desert environment.

  • Lower Warburton Lakes are full.
  • Neales has minor flooding.
  • Warburton Groove is flowing with the upper claypan reflective.
  • Madigan Gulf has pools of water.
  • Belt Bay has 1.4m of water.
  • Lake Eyre South has 400mm of water.
Lake Eyre - Kalamurina flooding
Kalamurina had 55.6mm of rain
Marree Hotel off Birdsville Track
Marree Hotel

Lake Eyre surface will have mirror effect for up to 1 week.

It’s time to see Lake Eyre!

One of the stunning features of Lake Eyre when there is water, is the mirror effect that is enhanced with the effect of the clouds. We can expect to see this mirror effect over the next week or so.

Lake Eyre Mirror Clouds - Lake Eyre water level May 2016

Lake Eyre – Where Heaven Meets Earth (Photo Australian Geographic)

Lake Eyre Mirror Effect Clouds

Mirror Effect – Photo by Kelly Barnes

Lake Eyre South

Lake Eyre South has a brilliant white crust. Photo taken on our air tour to Lake Eyre.

Lake Eyre Water Level - Brilliant White Crust May 2016

Taking a walk on Lake Eyre Salt Crust

See Lake Eyre - Tours available from Melbourne

A Kirkhope Aviation air tour to Lake Eyre is the ideal way for you to appreciate the majesty of this beautiful landscape. Most people familiar with the area say the best place to view the lake from land is from the perspective of Halligan Bay (see video), so this is a popular spot for land tours. However, the best way to appreciate the expansive terrain is by air. Kirkhope Aviations 1 and 2 day air tours to Lake Eyre give you maximum time on the ground and in the air, to capture the beauty and magnificent scenery in the region. Three and 4 day air tours to Lake Eyre incorporate a true Taste of the Outback, visiting Innamincka, Cooper Creek, Birdsville, Lake Eyre and Arkaroola on the three day air tour, with the addition of Mungo National Park, Dig Tree, Parachilna & Brachina Gorge on the 4 day Taste of the Outback air tour.

Lake Eyre - a Transformative Experience

Regardless of whether Lake Eyre is experiencing a rainy season or not, a scenic tour over its unique terrain can be a transformative experience.


First of all, many thanks for taking such good care of us during our recent tour of Birdsville, Lake Eyre and Arkaroola. On our first light plane flight we were able to just relax and enjoy, knowing you were experienced and capable in your job as pilot. The whole experience was amazing. The colours and design shapes from the air had me glued to the window. No photo can capture it.

  • the peaceful quiet of the outback is rejuvenating
  • The sunset at Birdsville was stunning.
  • Lake Eyre is beyond description.
  • The cattle station visit an education into outback life.
  • The William Creek pub, full of unique character.
  • Arkaroola exceeded all expectation and is an inspiring credit to the Sprigg family. The rugged environment, bird life and the first experience of four wheel driving gave us a taste of a place we vowed to return to for a longer stay.

The outback adventure tour offered by Kirkhope exceeded all our expectations and our only regret was that it was over too soon. We recommend this holiday to anyone wanting see all our amazing country has to offer. Thanks again, Meg and Chris

If you have been waiting to see Lake Eyre, make 2016 the year to do it. Visit the tour schedule, or tell us your preferred date if its not listed.

Islands on Kati-Thanda - Lake Eyre South from rains
Islands on Kati-Thanda - Lake Eyre South Mar 15 2016
Silcrete Island looking South Lake Eyre
Silcrete Island looking South with South East section of Belt Bay Lake Eyre North 15 Mar 2016
Remaining water in Warburton Creek - Kati-Thanda-Lake Eyre North
Remaining water in Warburton Creek - Kati-Thanda-Lake Eyre North 15 March 2016
Cessna 210 fuselage in Madigan Gulf - Kati-Thanda-Lake Eyre North 15 March 2016
Cessna 210 fuselage in Madigan Gulf - Kati-Thanda-Lake Eyre North 15 March 2016
Brooks Island with Hunt Peninsula in background - Kati-Thanda-Lake Eyre North 15 March 2016
Bottom of Belt Bay Kati-Thanda-Lake Eyre North 15 March 2016
Bottom of Belt Bay Kati-Thanda-Lake Eyre North 15 March 2016
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