Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre: Current Status Feb 2020

This is your go to page for the latest on Lake Eyre 2020. 

February 2020

Lake Eyre is mostly dry with pools of water from local rain,  but not of great  significance.

There is brief moderate flooding in all rivers in Queensland catchment area and is expected the
Diamantina will trickle into Lake Eyre North  in March.

Lake Eyre South has about 500mm but will soon dry.

However following the flooding of 2019, it is predicted that there is a fair chance it will get substantial water this year, as it often does for 2 years running, when it does flood,  every 10 or so years.

Lake Eyre South 600mm but will soon dry

Kirkhope Aviation has 3 fantastic all-inclusive tours that feature Lake Eyre. Taste of the Outback (3 days) and Taste of the Outback (4 days). and Vistas of South Australia (3 days) The best way to see Lake Eyre is in our luxury twin engine aircraft with large picture windows for optimum viewing.

© Kirkhope Aviation 2019 - Photos taken by Jake Barden and Martin Josselyn

Dry or wet, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre is a sight to behold and Kirkhope Aviation with over 40 years’ experience are the experts in outback touring, so travelling with us you will get the most out of your tour and best value for money.

Every seat is a window seat and not only do you see the great lake by air.  We take you by land to the shores of the lake so you can touch and feel it. It’s a fully immersive, once (or twice) in a lifetime experience for all Australians.

For reviews of our outback tours check out our Tripadvisor on link below and see why we have a 5 star rating.

We had full intentions of adding some commentary but the sound of Mother Nature in the Channel Country took our breath away! Enjoy the moment.

Posted by Birdsville Hotel on Saturday, 16 February 2019

Good morning from the remarkably powerful Channel Country.

Posted by Birdsville Hotel on Monday, 18 February 2019

Thanks you so much for a wonderful few days away. So many positives; sights, activities, people, food and planning were all fantastic. Well be back! Peter was much refreshed after his return. He hasn't stopped telling folks about the trip.
Juliet and Peter June 2016

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What a fantastic experience ! The King Air is a fantastic aircraft, couple that with our fantastic pilot (Tony) how can it get any better? Looking forward to many more adventures with Kirkhope Aviation.
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