Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre Water Level: Current Status

Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre Water Level: Current Status

Our last visit to Lake Eyre was in September. While there is no visible water standing on the lake, the Warburton Groove remains damp with a clear darker tone running from the Warburton River mouth right down to Belt Bay in the south. The Madigan Gulf (south-eastern section of Lake Eyre north) has the whitest and most solid salt crust, with comments from guests being that it looks as if you're looking down into an abyss of cloud.

There have been storms around the Lake Eyre area. Birdsville hotel has reported that recently a sand storm as well as a thunder storm passed through the area early January. Watch their video on Facebook of the storm here!

Hear what Hans has to say about Lake Eyre.

Thanks you so much for a wonderful few days away. So many positives; sights, activities, people, food and planning were all fantastic. Well be back! Peter was much refreshed after his return. He hasn't stopped telling folks about the trip.
Juliet and Peter June 2016

Recent tours report that Lake Eyre Water Level is dry but birdlife nearby remains.

Lake Eyre Water Level - the lake is currently dry, with some moisture still visible in the lake bed. Reports from recent tours have been coming in that a beautiful white salt crust on the top of the lake has formed, most prevalent in the south-eastern section of Lake Eyre North. River systems flowing into the Lake Eyre basin continue to flow, however as we approach the end of the dry season the flow is waning.

The Cooper Creek still has sufficient water to sustain significant wildlife, with pelicans on the banks contrasted against Galahs and Cockatoos perched in the trees. Several dingos were also spotted on the banks on our most recent trip. The Warburton and Diamantina rivers further north are in similar shape, with flows reducing but still supporting life. Given that we're approaching the end of the season, it's now unlikely that Lake Eyre will receive any further water until the wet season begins in late October.

Rainfall in western Queensland will begin flowing south-west through the Diamantina and Cooper Creeks to renew life in the area for 2018.   In the interim, the final months of the dry season are a fantastic time to visit Lake Eyre, with mild temperatures and largely stable weather patterns. For August and September we can generally expect mid to high 20s during the day with overnight lows of 5-10 degrees, a contrast to the heat normally experienced earlier in the year. Kirkhope Aviation has several remaining Taste of the Outback tours to visit this region.

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Contact us on 1300 20 61 30 to speak to a pilot about the Lake Eyre's current condition and inquire about our Taste of the Outback tour. Sources and more information: http://www.lakeeyreyc.com/Status/latest.html

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A huge thank you for a truly marvellous three days. So well looked after by Tony, nothing was too much trouble, accommodation and meals first class. Amazing views of our beautiful country and a further insight into the lives of the people who live in remote places.