Brooks Island Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre is Filling with Flood Water!

In January 2016 we reported that due to heavy rains Lake Eyre was flooding. Well, Lake Eyre has continued to experience more rain.

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Kimberley-CapeYork Air Tour

Cape York, Arnhem Land & Kimberley Tour Footage

Problem Solved by creating Bespoke Air Tours! Kirkhope Aviation has a flexible approach to providing the best outback Adventure air tours available. How?  Well, apart from our fantastic scheduled small group air tours throughout Australia, we let you design your own private air charter! We know that ‘1 size doesn’t fit all’, and therefore our…

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Famous Birdsville Hotel QLD

How to get to Birdsville

Wondering how to get to Birdsville? If you have ever dreamt of travelling the famous Birdsville Track through the Tirari and Sturts Stony Deserts – if you want to experience the ultimate flying adventure to view Lake Eyre from air – if you have a dream of discovering the lost world at Flinders Ranges –…

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Tour King Island with Kirkhope Aviation

How to Get to Flinders Island and King Island

Getting to Flinders Island and King Island, one must first know what it means to have a vacation in the area. Are you one of those successful individuals who consider vacation as an integral part of their well-being? Do you know that a vacation can sustain one’s productivity and best performance? Everyone wants to take…

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View from the plane over Lake Eyre

How to Get to Lake Eyre

One of the great salt lakes you should check out. Airborne over Lake Eyre Located in the Australian outback, 697 km from Adelaide, it spans 9,500 square kilometers. In fact, it is Australia’s largest lake. It is also part of the Lake Eyre National Park and the lowest point on the Australian mainland, approximately 11m…

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Kangaroo Island Remarkable Rocks SA


There are many ways to get to Kangaroo Island. But the most adventurous, luxurious and fastest way (so you can spend more time touring) is surely with Kirkhope Aviation. With over 40 years of flying experience Kirkhope Aviation operates flights to Kangaroo Island with a bird’s eye view of Australia’s most spectacular southern coast lines.…

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Swagons at Gawler Ranges Safari

The Swagon at Kangaluna Camp, Gawler Ranges SA

On safari in South Australia’s outback, Gawler Ranges , ‘swagon’ style Nigel Summlery a freelance UK  journalist writes in  The Guardian, UK,  on his safari with a difference in South Australia – taking in the Aussie big five – Nigel Summerley finds comfort and a view of the stars from his bed in a converted…

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Kangaluna Luxury Bush Camp Gawler

Rotarian Traveller – Wildlife Safari Gawler Ranges, S.A.

In the July edition of Rotarian Traveller,  Dennis and Rosamund Knill stay-over in one of Australia’s most isolated camp sites and experience the ultimate destination for nature-lovers and eco-adventurers in the Gawler Ranges, South Australia. “The Eyre Peninsula might have been invented to provide the perfect holiday adventure, but further north is one of the…

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Interview by Australian Financial Review

Traveller | Tony Kirkhope PUBLISHED: 13 Jun 2013 00:45:57 The Australian Financial Review Interview by JASON MURPHY on the travelling preferences of First, business or economy? When I travel overseas on long haul flights of eight hours plus, I fly business class. Economy can get pretty cramped after an extended period. I have flown first…

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Kirsty Ebes - Bush Pilot Down Under

Kirsty Ebes – King Air Bush Pilot Down Under

Meet Kirsty Ebes….corporate and bush pilot. K.D. Leperi writes about his amazing two week air adventure to Australia’s Outback and wild Kimberley coast of Western Australia in Aviation for Women – July / August 2013 Edition. Text and photography by K.D. Leperi. She goes on to say: “With an itinerary nothing short of a “Bucket…

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