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For almost 40 years, Kirkhope Aviation has provided specialist air charter services for business professionals, celebrities and corporate groups. Our charter team can provide you with tailored flight options and scheduling that best suits your needs. 

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Why use corporate charter?

  • Time effective

    Private charter saves your team time and money. Cut out the drive to Tullamarine, the time spent parking, checking-in, passing through security and waiting for your aircraft to board. Your team can be airborne in as little as 15 minutes after arriving at our lounge.

  • Flexible

    Private charters are flexible to your timings. Set the schedule you want to fly to, and enjoy the flexibility to adjust timings (subject to crew limitations duty limitations) to match your changing schedule.

  • Direct

    Fly direct to where you want to go. Avoid unnecessary transfers and multiple flights by landing on the airstrip located at your destination, not hundreds of kilometres away. With more than 5000 airstrips accessible Australia wide, Kirkhope Aviation can land at almost any aerodrome.

  • Safe

    All charters are operated by experienced pilots under an Air Operators Certificate issued by CASA. Learn more about Kirkhope Aviation's safety programs, including our Training and Checking program for crews, our Safety Management System and our Maintenance Team.

Who uses corporate charter?

  • Government

    Kirkhope Aviation proudly provides a range of aircraft charter flights to State and Federal Ministers and MPs, government executives, the CFA and SES as well as other government agencies.

    Kirkhope Aviation has standing call-when-needed contracts with state governments through the National Aerial Firefighting Centre.

  • VIPs and Celebrities

    Kirkhope Aviation has extensive experience working with local and international artists in music, film and production industries. We can tailor a private air charter across Australia working around your custom schedule. We are discrete and understand your requirements for privacy.

  • Executive teams

    When time is limited and your team needs to work somewhere regional or remote, taking a private charter makes sense. We fly business teams in comfort to hard to get destinations, all the while allowing them to continue working and collaborating on board our corporate aircraft.

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