Pet Air Charters

Relocating with your furry friend can be a challenging time. Avoid the stress and fly privately with your dog, cat or other animal. Most pets can be carried in the cabin without the need for them to be in a cage for the entire trip. For safety reasons, cages are made available on the aircraft should you pet require one, but during the normal parts of the flight - they can be right there with you either on your lap or at your feet.

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Callum with Dog
Pilot flying Caravan

Why fly your pet privately?

  • Be with them for the journey

    Flying privately, you can be with your pet for the entire journey. They'll never be relegated to a cargo hold, left outside on the tarmac in the heat, or made to wait in holding areas before and after the flight.

    Once on board, you'll always be within reach of your furry friend, and in normal flight they can move freely in the cabin.

  • Fly direct to where you want to go

    Fly direct to where you want to go. Avoid unnecessary transfers and multiple flights by landing on the airstrip located at your destination, not hundreds of kilometres away. With more than 5000 airstrips accessible Australia wide, Kirkhope Aviation can land at almost any aerodrome.

  • Flexible

    Private charters are flexible to your timings. Set the schedule you want to fly to, and enjoy the flexibility to adjust timings (subject to crew limitations duty limitations) to match your changing schedule.

  • Safe

    All charters are operated by experienced pilots under an Air Operators Certificate issued by CASA. Learn more about Kirkhope Aviation's safety programs, including our Training and Checking program for crews, our Safety Management System and our Maintenance Team.

Interstate restrictions on animals

Some states impose restrictions on the import of animals. Although the owner is responsible for these, Kirkhope Aviation is required to ensure compliance with biosecurity regulations for guests travelling with us.

The following restrictions apply to travel into Tasmania:

  • Dogs - treated for tapeworm in the preceding 14 days, and free of ticks and other disease.


Most animals travelling with Kirkhope Aviation travel well in the aircraft's cabin. Despite this, for safety reasons it is necessary that a cage be carried suitable for your animal for the duration of the journey.

The cage provides a means of securing your animal for take-off and landing, as well as during periods of turbulence or poor weather. Outside of these periods, your animal can be loose with you in the cabin, without restriction. For dogs we ask that the owner bring a moisture absorbant mat or bed for the animal to rest on when in the cabin.

Most owners supply their own cage, however we can assist with a rental cage if necessary.

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King Air at Adels Grove
Caravan at Lady Elliot

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